Murder and Writing

"Murder and Writing"--what's that all about?  

As web sites should be, this site is a work-in-progress.   The "Murder" designation was deliberately chosen to make the site visible to search engines looking for that label, so that it would make my published novels--and, by association, my published plays and screenplays--visible to potential readers.

So, this site was originally conceived as a repository of my published writing which had, for years, been concentrated in two areas, newspapers/periodicals, and murder-mystery novels.  

Gradually, I came to realize that "murder" is an elastic concept, so broad that it can extend to the willful destruction of a society.  Thus, my web-based writing began to include that dimension as well.  

While I was developing this writing site, travel articles crept in, almost stealthily, as we visited many states, east and west, sometimes in pursuit of regional knowledge that would work its way into my writing (particularly with respect to my novel, Out of Order), more often just for the joy of exploring the country away from the Interstate highways.  

Similarly, articles about community people began to find their way into the site, as events fueled my appreciation of community leaders--and regional government officials--although the officials are discussed sometimes in admiration, sometimes in disappointment.  

Content of this site now includes the newer entries alluded to, above,  along with links to my published novels, play, and screenplay ordering sites, as well as some of my Internet and periodical articles.   

My published articles have appeared in academic journals, magazines, Internet publications and, for about 15 years, in The Times of Northwest Indiana (formerly, The Hammond Times), for which publication I concentrated primarily on theater reviews and celebrity interviews, with the occasional foray into travel and technology areas. 

What I mean by "we."

An important part of this site is “Joann’s Web Pages,” which contain text and/or photographic work created by my wife and long-time professional partner, Joann Podkul.   Joann is a retired principal/team leader of the environmentally-focused high school that she founded under a then-new variation of the “small school” concept within the Chicago Public School System.   

Since retiring, Joann has become a graduate of the City of Chicago’s new Chicago Conservation Corps (“C3”) training program, and serves currently as Chairperson of the Calumet Stewardship Initiative,** an umbrella organization that includes in its membership most of the environmental organizations serving the Northwest Indiana-Southeast Chicago “Calumet” region.

I know that you will enjoy her contributions to this site--when her schedule permits. 


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We hope that you will enjoy visiting this site.   Please feel free to contact us(please use the contact form in the sidebar) should you have questions or comments about the material that appears here.  


092811: As of 092011, we are also retired from CSI, where our 1-year term had grown to nearly five years service, before CSI decided to restructure itself.  Thus, the website listed above will stay in existence as an archive site (which we intend to maintain), while a new staff, when in place, will no doubt create a new site to serve new needs.  As far as the CSI Facebook Fan Page is concerned, we are less certain of its future, but everything pertaining to CSI is in a state of flux at present.

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